Dr. Jekyll is a cat from Buffalo, NY and only he has the vision to lead this country back to greatness.


Dr. Jekyll Wins HuffPost Live Pet Debate!

The recent president pet debate hosted by HuffPost Live (unofficially cosponsored by ISideWithCats.com) was a huge success! Dr. J thinks the American People deserve more debates with serious candidates like himself. Help convince the media to hold another #PrezCatDebate!

To watch this debate, follow this link and skip to 8:40.

Dr. Jekyll to Appear at Presidential Cat Debate!

Our campaign is happy to announce Dr. Jekyll's participation in this historic debate, which will be hosted by a major news outlet in the very near future. Please follow @drj4prez or check back here for details as they become available.

Dr. Jekyll Officially Filed with The Federal Elections Committee!

"It was time to legitimize this truly visionary campaign."
-- Dr. Jekyll

Dr. Jekyll to be Featured on New Website: ISideWithCats.com!

Dr. Jekyll Holds Political Rally, Draws Huge Crowd


Climate change and environmental issues should be of concern to any informed presidential candidate and I have several plans not only to make positive change for our environment, but also to address our aging infrastructure at the same time. Firstly, I will end the horrible drought on the west coast by creating a sophisticated, country-wide network of pipelines to transport water from those areas in excess of rain to those sorely in need of it. My scientific and technical advisers are working on the logistics of this plan right now, I assure you. I will also invest in advanced dirigible research to promote a safer and more environmentally-friendly mode of transport for both citizens and our goods. I will institute a program so low-income and middle-class families can trade in their automobiles for their own dirigibles, thus ensuring a little piece of the American dream.

We need a better solution to unemployment and under-employment; I’ll release a full plan for this in the near future, but let me just say that I stand on the side of those seeking work and the workers themselves. I find it disgraceful that a “serious” candidate like Jeb Bush would say that Americans “need to work longer hours”. In my mind they already work too much, and just thinking about it exhausts me. In addition to adding more jobs to help ease the burden on overworked Americans--for instance through my infrastructure plan--I will champion a much shorter work day and full nap benefits for all workers. I am fully on board with the European siesta-model of napping, but I will ensure safeguards to prevent workers from napping as much as my feline friends. I think my plan will be a happy medium.

Borders, border security, and immigration certainly are big hot-button political issues. I will simply say this: clearly borders are causing a lot of drama, so let’s get rid of them. I am in favor of open borders.

I think there are huge strides we can make in improving animal rights. From protecting stray cats and dogs to ensuring safe passage for wildlife along roadways to increasing penalties for animal abuse, I will be the president who not only looks out for both human and animal citizens alike. Toward this end I will create a new cabinet-level Department of Animal Health, Safety, and Services.

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